About Build Savvy

Build Savvy, LLC is a New Hampshire Design-Build Remodeling Company based out of Auburn, NH, and is owned by Joe Landry.

Build Savvy began serving Southern NH customers in 2003, building new homes exclusively. As the housing market began to change in 2006 & 2007, Build Savvy repositioned itself to focus more on the remodeling side of the industry. Initially, the change was due to necessity, but after many successful remodeling projects it became clear that it was a match made in heaven.

Build Savvy utilizes the industry known Design-Build process.

Build Savvy is aware of one thing, for sure, as it pertains to working in peoples’ homes and providing customer service… It’s not about banging the nails and moving the lumber… It’s all about THE EXPERIENCE that we provide for our customer. The thought is that we are more well defined as service providers than just construction workers. We pride ourselves on communication and straightforwardness. We keep track of our schedules with Project Management Software, and we keep track of clients and prospects with a customer relationship management program(CRM). We work with skilled and reliable subcontractors, and our suppliers are top notch. We value our employees greatly, and could never do this without them.

For your protection, and ours, we are fully insured.

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