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In-Law Apartments/ADU

The Build Savvy team is well-versed in the Design-Build process and would love to help you realize your project dreams. We specialize in additions, in-law apartments, and interior remodels.

In-Law Apartment aka Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

In-law apartments, or accessory dwelling units, serve as a great means to keep family together, while allowing separate and comfortable space for all. Whether it’s building an addition or redesign of the existing space (sometimes a little of both), we can transform your home to meet your needs. 

The Build Savvy team has completed many in law apartments and in law suite additions throughout New
Hampshire. We recently completed an In Law apartment in Pelham NH and I have some photos
and details about that project you can see here. If you are looking for an In Law Apartment Contractor we can help you bring your project to life.

The Build Savvy In-Law Apartment Process

The Build Savvy team are experienced In-Law Apartment contractors and we have a specific process to make your project a reality.

Step 1

We begin our process with a telephone conversation to define customer needs and budget.

Step 2

If it is determined that we are a good fit, we will schedule our initial on-site meeting to define specifications and create a ballpark cost of the project. Another meeting is then scheduled to create a Design Agreement or Construction Consultation. 3-5% of total project cost is obtained as a retainer at this time to provide you with a proposal, full specifications, and architectural plans. 

Step 3

We will meet with the customer and the architectural designer to create the building plans using a Computer Aided Software (CAD) program to allow you to visualize the look and layout of the project. 

Step 4

A more specific estimating process begins by introducing the various trade partners (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc) to your project to obtain “real numbers” in order to provide you with the final proposal and specifications.  At this time, we will identify an approximate start date/schedule.

Step 5

The construction process begins!  We will help you bring your in law suite addition to life!

FAQs about The In-Law Apartment Construction Process

Typical schedule: In Law Apartments can take from 6-9 months, depending on complexity. 

Approximate Budget (mid-range selections): 

800-1,000 square foot Full Addition Add On: $200,000 – $250,000 

Hybrid/Smaller Addition with existing home interior remodeling:  $130,000 – 200,000  

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