In-Law Apartment, Pelham, NH

We built this in-law apartment addition for some really great people in Pelham, NH. They were referred to us by an existing customer of ours. There’s no better recommendation than a former customer that has already been through the Build Savvy Experience!

About This NH In-Law Apartment Project

This new addition was 24’x33′ and consisted of a 3 car garage under with the in-law apartment above.

The first step was to identify a budget that our customer could work with. We then began the process of creating an architectural design to fit that budget, and make sure it matched the current house style. In this case, we designed the in-law apartment on the customers big screen television before their very eyes. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have opted many times to perform this function on Zoom. Once the design was completed, we started bringing our many trade partners to the jobsite so that we could create a detailed list of specifications, and come up with an accurate, bottom-line cost for the project. During this time, our customers visited the many showrooms we have available to us for selections such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops and plumbing fixtures so that allowances can be set. 

Build Savvy took the conceptual designs for this project to the Pelham Building Department for permitting, and through the Pelham Planning Department for a Special Exception approval. We also re-designed the customer’s septic system in compliance with State of NH DES rules & installed a mechanical drainage system due to a longtime area of puddling at the old garage/driveway location. 

Without question, the most rewarding part of building in-law apartments throughout NH is seeing families join together and stay close, while maintaining a level of independence. Build Savvy works closely with all parties involved, and values the input of our customers so that we can get our designs just right each and every time.

Project Timeline: 2.5 Months pre-planning & selections/ 6 Months of construction from start to finish

Project Cost: (adjusted to 2022 costs): $325,000

Photos by Maria O’Brien of TwoShots Photography

Architectural Design work by Steve Miller of Builder Plan Services

Take a Look at Some Photos of This In-Law Apartment Build Out

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